Wrapping It All Up

This experience showed me what it was like to create a social impact. I learned that I possess skills that are useful to others and can help aid in their benefit. Going down to Mexico I was not sure what to expect out of the community. I had known nothing of Mexico beyond the sandy […]

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Keeping An Open Mind

Along this journey, I have encountered many people. All of whom, who have different stories and have faced different hardships throughout their lives. This is what contributes to the difficulty of choosing just one person to write about this week, because I want to share their stories with the world. I have been here for […]

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Week 2 Exploring Nayarit

Hello everyone! Thank you for reading my blog and sharing this experience with me! As I mentioned last week, I did not have many expectations for my internship experience. I knew I would have the opportunity to immerse myself into a culture different from my own, but I really did not have any expectations beyond […]

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Week 1 Bucerias

I am currently abroad on an internship in Bucerias, Mexico. Prior to my departure, I spent weeks preparing for the position with my fellow interns from NIU. We learned all about responsible tourism and how we can use tourism to help the local community and reduce the negative social, economic, and environmental impacts of normal […]

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